Chapter 92: Undressed

When Wei Chi Li returned to the room, Liu Luo Yi had already tidied the room and was propping her forehead with her slender white arms, her eyes were closed, looking peaceful from a distance.

Wei Chi Li tiptoed over and saw that there was food left and a cup of warm tea for her on the table. A warm current surged in Wei Chi Li’s heart. She bends down, trying to get a closer look at Liu Luo Yi’s sleeping face.

Exactly at this moment, because Liu Luo Yi’s arms was not able to support herself, her head dropped naturally. Seeing this, Wei Chi Li did not move and managed to support Liu Luo Yi with her shoulder and both their cheeks stuck together.

Wei Chi Li’s smile became more and more presumptuous as she reached out to hook Liu Luo Yi’s chin and whispered: “If you don’t wake up, I will carry you to the bed?”

Liu Luo Yi immediately opened her eyes, pushed Wei Chi Li aside and sat up. Her cheeks were slightly red. When she touches Wei Chi Li just now, she was already awake but wanted to lean on her for a little longer.

Wei Chi Li’s shoulders were so warm that makes her reluctant to leave.

“If you want to lean, just say so. My shoulders are for you only.” Wei Chi Li smiled and leaned forward again, bending over to look at Liu Luo Yi. Her smiling eyes make Liu Luo Yi’s heart skip a beat.

“I did not.” Liu Luo Yi was stubborn. It was really shameful for her to be exposed by Wei Chi Li.

Wei Chi Li had already bloomed with joy, but to prevent angering Liu Luo Yi, she coughed and put away her smile on the surface. Then she sat down beside her, picked up the chopsticks and ate the food casually.

She was really famished and extremely exhausted. A table of dishes was emptied by her alone within a short time. The taste of the Northern territory was vastly different from that of Yan Country, but because she was too hungry, she could not be bothered with it as she gobbled it down, not tasting any flavours.

Liu Luo Yi quickly handed her the tea and Wei Chi Li took a sip; only then did she lean on Liu Luo Yi’s body comfortably.

“Princess, go change your clothes first, then take a shower and rest. You must be exhausted from the long journey.” Liu Luo Yi said as she reached out to clean the table, but was stopped by Wei Chi Li.

“No, you sit down.” Wei Chi Li ordered her in a coquettish tone.

“Why?” Liu Luo Yi was taken aback for a moment.

“Sit down.” Wei Chi Li reached out and pressed her onto the chair: “I brought you back, yet, for the time being, I am not allowed to tell anyone who you are. So if I let you do these tasks, it is inevitable that you will be misunderstood by the people here. What If someone bullies you when I am not here?”

As Liu Luo Yi listened, she nodded ignorantly. After thinking about it, she lowered her head and smiled.

Indeed, Wei Chi Li thought about her in all respect. Currently, it seems that she was very meticulous.

Wei Chi Li let her go, tidied up the things on the table, took it out and was immediately taken over by the servants who have swamped over and expressed anxiously how a princess could do such chores herself.

Wei Chi Li was at loss by their babblings, so she simply ordered them to get some hot water, and then closed the door, heaved a sigh of relief, and smiled helplessly at Liu Luo Yi.

She was not very comfortable with her identity as a princess. She did not really feel that she has much power in Yan Country, it was only when she came to the Northern Territory, that she realised what a princess represented.

It represents power, nobility, superiority, or responsibility?

She was still a little confused, perhaps it was because she had not rest for a long time and her mind was in a mess.

When the hot water came, Wei Chi Li raised her arms and motioned to Liu Luo Yi with her eyes. Liu Luo Yi hesitated and refused to come over. She blushed and said: “Didn’t you tell me not to do these things?”

“Except for this.” Wei Chi Li raised an eyebrow at her.

After a while, Liu Luo Yi walked over slowly. She does not know where to look, so she turns her head sideway, then fumbled and found the strap on Wei Chi Li’s coat and slowly untied it.

The coat fell on the ground, yet, Wei Chi Li still did not move. She looked at Liu Luo Yi calmly with a smile on her face.

She began to thank the ancient clothes as there were many layers to it. Even after a long time, she did not finish taking them off and this allows the time to be greatly extended. Liu Luo Yi was getting faster and faster, until only thin inner clothes was left, she stopped.

“Why did you stop moving?” Wei Chi Li walked forward to motioned to Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi was so embarrassed that she did not know what to do. Her hands stopped in mid-air, and she could vaguely see Wei Chi Li’s upright and beautiful back, straight shoulders and powerful yet slender waist, long limbs. And no matter how she looks at it, it was a bit sultry as the white cloth lining makes her skin whiter.

She also did not know how Wei Chi Li was so white even after basking under the Northern Territory sun all day.

Wei Chi Li lowered her head to look at herself and simply lifted her chin and said with a smile: “Little Liu’er, I’m cold.”

Only then did Liu Luo Yi continued. But just as soon as the inner clothing slipped off, she quickly turned around, jumped onto the bed, and hid her head under the quilt.

Wei Chi Li stood there with her hands on her waist, feeling angry and yet wanting to laugh, she said helplessly: “There is still another piece, it is not that I am not wearing anything. What are you hiding for?”

If she were so shy, how could they face each other frankly in the future? Wei Chi Li shook her head and went into the lukewarm water, washed herself quickly, and then put on clean clothes comfortably.

After wiping her long wet hair, she could only let it cascade. This hair which Wei Chi Li finds disgusting long had once secretly cut it herself. Even so, it still falls below her waist. The silky hair covered her cheeks a little, making her look more flattering.

The floor was exceptionally clean, so, Wei Chi Li simply choose not to wear any shoes. She walked barefooted, with the wide dress floating behind her, revealing half of her slender arms. As she walked, there were crystal drops of water rolling down her neck and into her placket.

Liu Luo Yi wrapped herself in the quilt and could not help but secretly reveal an eye to look and this scene made her heart pounds.

Wei Chi Li walked to the bed, turned, and lay down, then reached out to snatch half of the quilt, causing Liu Luo Yi who had wrapped herself up to rolled 1 round and to her side.

“Princess, are we sleeping together?” Liu Luo Yi said. The damp scent on Wei Chi Li’s body made her a little daze and a little at loss.

“En.” Wei Chi Li nodded slightly. She turned her head, with her lips curled, and her bright eyes seemed to be shining with water. From the side, her tall nose bridge was pretty, her lips were crimson and when the corners of her lips were curled, it makes one’s heart stop for a beat.

She reached out her arms over Liu Luo Yi’s neck, and then with a slight force, she pulls her into her arms and closed her eyes.

Yet Liu Luo Yi refused to close her eyes. As she looks on, she could not help but support her body up on the bed and over Wei Chi Li. She blushed and slightly leaned her head down to probe.

Wei Chi Li did not react. So, she guessed that she must have fallen asleep and only then did she heaved a sigh of relief and acted unscrupulously.

She looked at Wei Chi Li carefully, and the more she looked at her, the happier she became and could not help but reached out to caress Wei Chi Li’s face. Every time she saw this face, she felt that it was very seductive, and when she smiled it was soft yet brilliant, when she was not smiling, she looks determined.

She thought of everything they had gone through, even became absentminded.

After watching her for a long time, Liu Luo Yi’s arms were sore. She approached her cautiously as if stealing a taste of honey and kissed her lips lightly.

In the next instant, Wei Chi Li suddenly opened her eyes, as if she had known about it a long time ago. With a pair of clear eyes, she lowered her gaze at Liu Luo Yi’s lips and smiled: “So Little Liu’er likes it when I have fallen asleep?”

Liu Luo Yi was taken aback by her and shuddered. She almost did hold on, and in that instant, she desperately wants to find a hole and hide in it, never to see each other again.

It was too shameful; how could she do such a shameful thing. Liu Luo Yi quickly let go and wanted to run away, but Wei Chi Li hugged her waist and so she was unable to move. Wei Chi Li move and the two flipped over.

Liu Luo Yi’s eyes widened and looked at Wei Chi Li in a daze, without realising that her hand was already being held tightly by Wei Chi Li.

“I wanted to sleep well, but you spur me on first.” Wei Chi Li said then lowered her head and kissed her lips.

Liu Luo Yi’s neck was red. She looked at Wei Chi Li, her eyes were dim, hazy, and shy, but with such an expression, she suddenly kissed Wei Chi Li back.

She tried to learn Wei Chi Li’s movements from that day and deepened the kiss clumsily. She stiffened her body nervously, trying little by little.

This time, it was Wei Chi Li’s turn to be surprised. She opens her eyes wide and stares at Liu Luo Yi. But because they were too close, she could almost see the blush hidden on her delicate skin. Liu Luo Yi’s eyelashes were trembling, her lips were soft, agile, and reckless.

Wei Chi Li could not help but grasped her hand tightly and hugged her tightly.

After a short while, Liu Luo Yi lost all strength. She fell back on the bed abruptly, her hair scattered behind her and was panting lightly, looking at Wei Chi Li’s face while her lips were crimson red.

Wei Chi Li reached out to wipe her lips, as her gaze fell on Liu Luo Yi’s body. The palpitation in her heart made her a little unable to bear it, so she put her hand out, hesitated, and took it back. She lowered her head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry as she said: “You learned so fast. Almost stirring me to giddiness.

“What?” Liu Luo Yi panting lightly and asked. Her eyes were clear and really did not understand for a moment.

Wei Chi Li let go of her hand, dropped her body and hugged Liu Luo Yi tightly, with Liu Luo Yi’s hair scattered in front of her. She whispered: “Do you think, I can be a good king?”

“Of course.” Liu Luo Yi did not hesitate at all.

“But I am neither the princess, nor the daughter of the Northern Territory King. I do not know why I must take on such responsibilities and besides, I have never learned all these before. My mind is in a mess, Little Liu’er.” Wei Chi Li blurted out the mixed thoughts in her heart without even thinking about it.

She hugged Liu Luo Yi tighter as if wanting to find comfort.

Liu Luo Yi blinked and thought about it carefully, then reached out to caress Wei Chi Li’s hair again and again as if she were reassuring her.

“Since princess has always wanted to return to the Northern Territory, it proves that you want to take on the responsibilities. All the people here regard you as a princess, and the Northern Territory King regards you as his precious daughter. You are especially important to them, as well as to me.”

“You helped me rescue my father and earn the eldest princess and many other people’s trust. Whether you want to be the king or not, I know that if you want, you can.”

Liu Luo Yi’s voice was very gentle and when she said it tirelessly, it made Wei Chi Li’s heart slowly calmed down. Wei Chi Li knew that although Liu Luo Yi does not talk much, she sees everything with her heart and felt it with her exquisite heart.

“You will always be Little Liu’er’s king.” Liu Luo Yi said softly as she buried her face in Wei Chi Li’s neck, reached out to hug her and nudged.

“No. You are my King.” Wei Chi Li said with a smile then lowered her head to find Liu Luo Yi’s ear and kissed it lightly. “Quick rest. I will give you a surprise tomorrow.”

Liu Luo Yi trembled, she poked Wei Chi Li reproachfully as she blushed and asked: “What surprise?”

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